Shredding Equipment

We offer a wide variety of shredding equipment that will fit any business need. Small desk side paper shredders provide safe, secure destruction of paper, paper clips and staples, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs.

Department size shredder

Department size shredders, designed for higher capacity and efficiency

Large industrial shredder

Large industrial shredders are high performance document shredding systems with conveyor belt feed

systems and available balers and compactors for efficient transport to a recycling facility

Specialty material shredding equipment

Specialty material shredding equipment for Pharmacy – shreds plastic pill bottles and sensitive documents

Power disintegrators

Power disintegrators – to destroy everything including video cassettes, carbon tapes, electronic circuit boards, tin cans and plastic bottles

Warehouse cardboard shredder

Warehouse cardboard shredder – to convert corrugated cardboard into large volume filler suitable for packing material