Why Shread

Document Shredding is one of the most effective ways of destroying private and personal paperwork before it finds its way into the wrong hands. In today’s world we have a ton on information that is digitized, however we still have a long way to go as far as getting rid of all paperwork in homes and businesses. We still have a huge amount of material being handled on paper.


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In the business industry, we have flyers, brochures, prospectus used to advertise businesses, signed agreements or even important documents relating to the business. We also have paperwork at home which may include lease agreements, receipts, signed contracts and personal documents. Basically we are still a society that is highly dependent on stuff that is put down on paper. This exposes us to danger as far as our security and privacy are concerned. You never know who might get access to your

paperwork. It can be copied, your ideas can get stolen or a person can even get enough information about you to allow them to impersonate you.

As we wait a more secure way of storing, Shredding is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of our paperwork. This is a mode of getting rid of documents by tearing them into very thin strips that would take a lot of work if one wanted to piece them back together. It makes the information that was on the papers hard to obtain and is thus a step in the right direction as far as secure document destruction is concerned.

When it comes to documents in the workplace that are best suited for shredding, there are several careers that might find shredding services very useful. Doctors for instance handle a lot of very confidential cases that require them to put down patient’s medical history and conditions on paper. They also carry out tests and put the results on paper. This is not the kind of information that one would like to let fall in the wrong hands especially when dealing with high profile clientele. That is why medical institutions might find shredding services useful as far as getting rid of patient records is concerned.

The legal profession is one industry that handles very sensitive documents. This may be important signed documents pertaining to a case or even evidence that one may not want to let fall into the wrong hands. Document shredding thus offers a convenient way of disposing this paperwork.

Financial institutions also handle a lot of personal data from clients which is put down on paper. Fraudsters could use such information to forge signatures or even obtain access to the accounts of unsuspecting owners. Another reason it is so important that the paperwork is well disposed of and shredding offers a convenient way of getting rid of such paperwork.

First Class Document Destruction doesn’t think document shredding is something that can be overlooked if one is dealing with important paperwork.