Hard Drive Destruction

First Class Document Destruction now offers professional hard drive destruction services in Hickory, NC and throughout most of the North Carolina Foothills and the Piedmont.

Destroy Old Hard Drives

With security being extremely important in this digital age we now work and live in, hard drive destruction is more important than ever for businesses and homeowners. It is important to completely destroy old hard drives when you decide to use new storage methods or devices. Deleting data isn’t enough these days due to technology that can be used to dig up deleted data from an old hard drives.

Why is necessary to destroy old hard drives:

(1) To Protect confidential data, if you or your company routinely deal with sensitive data, destroying old hard drives is extremely important. Such data can lead to identity theft and a host of other problems if it falls into the wrong hands.

(2) It is in compliance with privacy laws, if privacy laws dictate that you and your company are responsible for protecting consumer data, destroying old hard drives is an absolute necessity. Failure to comply might mean the infringement of federal and local privacy laws, which come with severe penalties.

(3) To avoid future data breaches and theft, as mentioned above, old hard drives can be used to dredge up information about your company or customers that may facilitate future data breaches. Rather than cause your company great revenue losses and a bad reputation, it is much safer to destroy old hard drives as soon as possible.

Don’t rely on uncertified destruction methods many companies may use to destroy hard drives. Trust our certified Crushing method to destroy the entire hard disk and eliminate all data it may contain.