Shredding Services Boone NC

First Class Document Destruction serves businesses in the city of Boone, as well as all of its surrounding areas.

Boone Shredding Services

If you live in the NC Piedmont area surrounding Hickory, NC, then you should know about First Class Document Destruction as well as the services that we can provide to your business. There are a number of different services that are offered by our company.
You will find that having your documents destroyed for you will save you a great deal of time as well as help calm any fears that you might have about important and sensitive information being found or used by someone because your paperwork was not destroyed properly
You will find you can have your documents shredded on site with our Hammermill mobile shredding unit while you witness the destruction if you like. After the shredding is completed you will also get a certificate saying that your documents were destroyed so you can keep it for any records you have. Another benefit is that the papers you have will not just be shredded but with special equipment they will be turned into confetti that is unrecognizable and as long as you use our services you will be happy to know that the containers will be free.
With our company you will find that getting rid of your sensitive paperwork has never been easier. If you take part in these services you will never have to worry about whether or not the documents that you have could have been pieced back together for information to be obtained from them. This means that you will have peace of mind when your documents are destroyed.

Shredding Services We Offer

  • Scheduled Recurring Document Destruction Onsite
  • One-Time Onsite Document Destruction
  • Periodic Onsite Document Destruction
  • Onsite Paper Shredding
  • Offsite Document Destruction Service
  • Industrial Document Destruction Equipment Sales
  • Office Document Destruction Equipment Sales